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Journey to Rainbow Island (Book) Review


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An imaginative world of dragons and crystals.

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Can be somewhat difficult to get into.

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Journey to Rainbow Island is a fantastical tale of a young girl who must save the world.

Posted November 30, 2013 by

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Rainbow Island is an idyllic place.

Young Yu-ning lives there, along with scores of other Rainbow children, spending her days learning and playing amongst great beauty and peace. That peace is soon shattered by the arrival of an obsidigon, a powerful dragon created out of the darkness by an evil warlock. Impervious to all normal weapons, the obsidigon soon steals the powerful crystals that give Rainbow Island its titular rainbow, and Yu-ning’s friend Romeo as well.

Though she is just eleven, Yu-Ning knows that it is to her to set off on a quest to save Romeo and defeat the dragon. With the help of some powerful friends, animal and human alike, she first learns about the dragons (which have not been seen in many years). She then must collect the only weapon capable of destroying the obsidigon, a bow and arrow that use light and love to vanquish the darkness. Collecting them is a very dangerous task on its own, but Yu-ning also feels compelled to help the lost souls she finds along the way. By spreading her light and faith, she banishes darkness with her message of love and the light of her magical crystal.

Journey to Rainbow Island is an interesting tale. It has many creative elements to it, from talking animals to the obsidigons and Darq Renders (those able to destroy the dragons), that are unique and interesting. The story itself is rather…hippie.  All rainbows and love and light, Yu-ning and the others on Rainbow Island spend much time spreading their message of love and hope. The people that Yu-ning rescue are children trapped in sweatshops (where she lectures their boss on the futility of coveting gold over love), children in a strictly structured boarding school (where the teachers are lectured on not allowing creativity and free choice), a group of treasure hunters risking their lives for gold (who are implored to see that the beauty of nature is its own treasure), an accomplished hunter (who is told that animals are our friends), etc. There is a somewhat political undertone to the idea of breaking free from a society that has turned away from the light in its unending quest for gold.

Journey to Rainbow Island is a fantastical tale of a young girl who must save the world. As she travels in her quest of magical weapons, she rescues many lost souls along the way, telling them of a wonderful place where children are treasured rather than gold, creativity is embraced in favor of rules, and everyone lives in harmony and love. It has a decidedly flower child tone it, wrapped in a world of fantasy that is quite imaginative and engaging.


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