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Evil in All Its Disguises Review


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Davidson has a smooth style but is in no way simplistic. Evil in All Its Disguises is a great, easy to pick up, hard to put down read.

Posted February 23, 2013 by

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Lily Moore is a travel writer that – somewhat reluctantly – joins a press trip to Acapulco. The tourism board, she is told, is on a mission to make Mexico’s top destinations of the past become the favorite destinations of this generation despite problems with rising crime rates and economic troubles.

It’s on her first day before she is even properly checked in that she meets her friend Skye and things start to head south. What should be a standard press trip quickly turns into a mystery that needs to be solved when Skye disappears. Alone, not sure to who to trust, Lily decides to get to the bottom of the disappearance and along the way will discover that evil exists beneath the thin façade of the former playground to the rich and famous.

The author, Hilary Davidson, has a nice way of filling in the lines with details that do more to enhance the picture than to confuse it. Readers won’t get bogged down in wordy explanations that are not necessary. Rather, they will find her style to be concise and efficient.

Lily was endearing to me. She is not a super sleuth. She makes mistakes, follows paths that even the most readers can see are headed the wrong direction. When she does connect the dots, the solution is not something that no one except her could figure out. Davidson does a great job dropping enough breadcrumbs for the reader to follow that I often found I knew more parts of the puzzle than Lily and I think that’s a great compliment. I feel that the clues should be available to everyone. In this case they fit together flawlessly with no leaps or guesses. AS the story plays out Davidson works her magic to pull the reader deeper and deeper into the world she has created and I must admit, I did not really want to leave.

Lily has a past, and it does come up every now and then but it’s done with a light touch and caused me to want to know more about her, whereas most of the time when books spend too much time on back story, I feel a little left out.

Davidson has a smooth style that invites you to read more, but is in no way simplistic. Evil in All Its Disguises is a great, easy to pick up, hard to put down read.