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Dead Island Riptide Guide (book) Review


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Page Count: 320
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4/ 5

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We liked?

  • Extensive guide covering a large and rich world
  • Deep analysis of characters, locations and quests

Not so much?

  • Constitution of the printed material feels a little cheap and may lack in longevity
  • Some pages can get a little cluttered and suffer as a result

Final Fiendish Findings?

Dead Island Riptide guide by Brady Games is a solid purchase for anyone needing a companion for their trip to Palanai island and beyond.

Posted May 22, 2013 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

The Dead Island Riptide guide from Brady Games is something of a perfect fit. Sure a lot of game guides are little more than regurgitation of the obvious. Some smattering of obvious facts and vague overview maps that try and wring some greater purpose from games that are scant at best.

Dead Island Riptide guide from Brady Games is that rare guide that actually earns its spot as your essential silent partner. Games like Dead Island Riptide, Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock Infinite, Monster Hunter etc are deep and bountiful titles with a rich world to exploit. Getting around those worlds can be daunting for some and having a companion to help guide you through can take the anxiety from the process.

The Dead Island Riptide guide breaks down into several logical sections. You have a nice few pages for each of the main characters in the game giving you their bio, back story, combat styles, upgrade trees etc. This will really help anyone who’s unsure which character to proceed with laying out the details in an easily digestible manner. These fit nicely with the small section on general survival around the islands giving just enough information to get you started.

Next up is the extensive guide to the foes who’ll you’ll encounter during Dead Island Riptide. The guide details their characteristics, their location, how lethal they are and effective strategies for efficient disposal. Getting to grips with some of the more bothersome island dwellers can be pretty bothersome in game so the Dead Island Riptide guide does a great job of singling out the offenders and allowing you to quickly investigate the best method of dispatching them.

dead island riptide guide brady games Move on from here and we’re in to the main walkthrough for the game. Each quest clearly denotes if it is a side or main quest and give details accounts of where you need to go and what you need to be doing to achieve your objective. The quest guides are well detailed with plenty of quest relevant graphics, key elements to each quest and handy maps. Each quest is clearly defined giving you an immediate at-a-glance representation of the quests difficulty, rewards and XP gained. It managed to break these down making it simple to keep track of the quests you’re undertaking meaning you can complete them without too much head scratching.

In addition to covering all the quests and characters in the game, the Dead Island Riptide guide from Brady Games offers more besides. There is an extensive section on the weapon crafting and upgrading section of the game. We are also given a guide to the team based quests, location of collectibles and a list of all the Trophies and Achievements to be gained from the game.

All this is topped off nicely by plenty of art and assets from the game itself. A lot of the original artwork is nice presented and makes a change from solely art assets or generic screen grab backdrops.


Final Fiendish Findings?

Dead Island Riptide guide by Brady Games is a solid purchase for anyone needing a companion for their trip to Palanai island and beyond.

In a world when so much is freely available on the internet you need to take one step on if you want to make something stand out – and Brady Games, along with authors Rick Barba & Tim Bogenn, have managed to accomplish that.

Sure there are a few niggles. The general quality of the printed material is a little thin, resembling a magazine type print rather than that of their previous guide books. Page layout too can sometimes get more than a little clutterd and at stages you have to step back and re-enter a section to gain perspective.

These are just niggles though. Content-wise Dead Island Riptide guide from Brady Games is an essential purchase for anyone wanting to survive this watery zombie apocalypse.


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