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Cage of Bones (Book) Review

Cage of Bones
Cage of Bones
Cage of Bones

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A truly terrifying book that will chill you to your very bones and force your heart to beat wildly with every turn of the page!

Posted February 19, 2013 by

Full Fiendish Findings...

“But Cam had seen what was there.

      A child. A feral child.

             In a cage of bones.”

Cage of Bones marks Tania Carver’s third horror book following troubled DI Phil Brennan and his cohabitating girlfriend psychologist Marina Esposito. It’s also a truly terrifying story that will make your blood run cold and have you flicking the pages of the book desperate to find out more!

The story opens with a bit of a cliché in the horror genre; a derelict building. Like all clichéd abandoned buildings it appears to hold “dark secrets, old secrets” and unnerves Cam, a laborer for a building and demolition company. As Cam and his boss make their way towards it, you can’t help yourself from screaming that they should probably run for their lives because they’re going to get themselves killed. Well it’s what happens in all horrors isn’t it? Curiosity equals death?

Of course what Cam finds is something much worse. Something that sets in motion a horrifying story involving murder, kidnap and a secret organization where the members don’t have real names instead are called things like “The Teacher” and “The Gardener”. What he finds is a feral child in a cage of bones and when the police, A.K.A DI Phil Brennan, rescue the child; the secret organization do what they can to reclaim that child.

The whole concept of the story had me glued to the book as it thrilled me. I didn’t even find a single chapter that seemed to break the atmosphere the novel created, meaning my heart rate was constantly on high! It’s one of those where you will go to read a few chapters before bed and when you finally put it down it’s like five in the morning! (Seriously this did happen to me partly because it absolutely terrified me and I didn’t dare to turn my light off, partly because I couldn’t put it down!)

Given that the two main protagonists, Brennan and Esposito, have already had two books to develop and are now living together with their daughter Josephine, you’d wonder how much more the their characters develop in the realms of the horror genre. But Carver is very clever with her characters in this book.

From the previous two books you know Brennan has an adoptive father called Don but this book and it’s chilling cage of bones (*hint* *hint*) form the missing past that led Brennan into Don’s care when Don was working for the police. It’s a discovery that really allows the character to grow more than he does in the first two books, but it does more than that. This discovery pushes his relationship with Esposito to the limits and tests just how much they love each other or whether this investigation into the cage of bones will see their love extinguished like a flame.

The only thing about this book that frustrated me slightly is the seemingly sub-plot involving Rose Martin. A female police officer who, in the previous book, was sexually assaulted but despite Esposito’s warnings as her psychologist, she returns to work. The only reason this frustrated me is the fact her character is a total b****. She will do anything and everything, and I mean everything, to get ahead in her career and thinks of herself as higher and mightier than those she investigates. Her character is a nasty piece of work and she will have you gritting your teeth, wanting to reach into the book just so you can slap her so damn hard.

If you’re looking for a horror series that will chill you to your bones, no pun intended, then look no further than Tania Carver’s series involving DI Phil Brennan; The Surrogate, The Creeper and Cage of Bones. I seriously recommend these books to anyone and everyone, but I do recommend you read them in order as it will help you to understand what the characters are going on in cage of Bones. Nonetheless it’s a fantastic book with a wonderfully crafted story that will set you on edge from the very first page!


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