Posted June 30, 2017 by Fin Carew in News

Battle Splash’s Single Developer Bringing Water Fights to PC


Somehow, Nintendo’s dedication to shooting gloopy liquid at things – stemming from the weirdly-enthralling Zombies Ate My Neighbors right up to Mario Sunshine and the Splatoon games – has generated an impressive following. The market for non-violent violent games is larger than Call of Duty wants to think about, and while Nintendo is still very much the champion of family-friendly non-blood feuds, it’s about time the PC had its day too. Enter, Battle Splash from Vietnamese developer Dranya Studio, a third-person shooter that replaces bullets and explosions with water droplets and splashes.

Perhaps the most striking news from this project is that Dranya Studio claims the entire project was created by one person, Mai Nguyen Binh Hung, with zero budget. That’s a lot to accept, considering the environments are beautiful, vast, and varied, with ambitious mechanics. The game boasts water physics, AI bots, co-op, online multiplayer, and four differentiated female characters to play as. First impressions suggest chaotic action with special abilities to complement an arsenal of pistols and water balloons, even if the environments seem to be lacking verticality and movement looks fairly frictionless.


It’s hard to tell if this was created to provide family-friendly multiplayer chaos, or just an excuse to watch girls have a water fight, but intentions aside, one cannot deny that it’s an impressive feat for a single developer, even if it turns out to be terrible.

Dranya Studio is still producing new content, so no release date as of yet, but enjoy this little teaser video in the meantime.


Fin Carew