Posted November 4, 2016 by Amy in Comics

Crayola Art With Edge (Family Fiends) Review


Everyone loves coloring – it’s relaxing, and oh so satisfying to watch the colors saturate the images, turning harsh black and white into whatever colorscape you envision. While the new fads in adult coloring have started to add a little variety to what was formerly a very child-centric selection, it’s still often difficult to find something that will appeal to those who aren’t into cartoon animals or floral mandalas. Crayola’s new Art With Edge line is the perfect fit for those who are looking for something a little different, a little edgy.

Each coloring book features from 30-40 pages of designs, on nice thick paper that won’t bleed through – and can hold up to whatever coloring implement you want to throw at it. Each page is single-sided, so you won’t have to decide which side you want to display. Each page is also serrated, making it simple to tear out pages for easy coloring, sharing, or displaying. The images themselves are a bold blend of stark white pages and deep black lines that really make your colors pop. Though there are a variety of unconventional images in many of the books (like cereal eating zombies or a knitting Frankenstein), the images are more silly than scary, making them a pretty safe bet for all but the very young.
Crayola’s Art With Edge coloring books are the perfect combination of something your kids will love and something you’ll actually want to color with them. With choices ranging from Batman and Justice League, to Zombie Daze and Graffiti, to Ridiculousness and Bold & Fearless, there is truly something to appeal to every interest. Buy them for your kids; buy them for your friends; buy them for yourself – they’re sure to be a hit no matter what.



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