Posted February 5, 2016 by Fin Carew in News

Rainbow Six Siege Update Causes More Glitches


The most recent patch for Rainbow Six Siege has reportedly caused more glitches than it fixed. Problems with the game now include faulty knife-melee recognition, headshot registration and players reporting their rank not increasing or decreasing regardless of Win/Loss ratio or Win/Loss streaks.

You can take a look at players experiencing glitches on YouTube already, such as this one below featuring a knife-melee being unresponsive:

The ‘Shadow-man-bug’ has caused problems too, with one player referring to the game as “absolutely not playable”. This bug causes a player to be a constantly standing shadow regardless of what position the player character is actually in (such as prone), as seen in this video:

These glitches are only the tip of a very deep iceberg, however, as problems with rendering and vaulting through walls make the game less a tension-filled counter-terrorism simulator and more like manoeuvring a child’s attempt on Super Mario Maker.

Ubisoft has responded to players with a post suggesting fixes coming mid-February.

Fin Carew