Posted November 29, 2015 by Amy in Features

Pocket Party (Bluetooth Speaker) Review


Is that a party in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?x-bass

Now that everyone seems to have a mobile device of some sort in their pocket at all times, the bluetooth speaker is all the rage. After all, just because you have access to your entire music library at all times, doesn’t mean your phone can actually deliver the type of sound you want to get the party started. That being said, when you want to take your tunes on the go, a bulky speaker often isn’t the right choice. So how do you strike the right balance between quality sound, the necessary volume for a group of people, and convenient portability? A mini speaker might be just the right product for you.

The Pocket Party Bluetooth Expandable Speaker offers you respectable sound in an extremely portable package. When in its most compact form, it easily fits into a pocket, purse, or backpack. It’s just over an inch tall, and only about four inches wide. Its round form is coated in sturdy silicone that protects against bumps, splashes, and drops, and it even comes with a variety of ways to attach it to whatever you like, including a carabiner for a belt loop, and a velcro strap, and it also comes with a charging cord. To expand the sound when its in use, the back of the speaker pulls out, ending in a suction cup. The suction cup can be attached to a variety of surfaces to securely hold the speaker in place, which is a plus for another feature of the Pocket Party – the light show.


You can’t have a great party without sweet lights, and the Pocket Party has that in the bag. For such a small device, it puts out plenty of light – and in a variety of different forms. There are four different light modes – beats, party, mood light, and lamp – each of which also has different forms, and they can even synchronize with the music you’re playing. You can cycle through the different modes to find what you like using the button on the side of the device. Of course, the light show does suck battery a bit, but you’ll still get several hours of party per charge – and you can even use it as a speaker phone if mom calls while you’re jamming. There is also an app you can access to play around with the lights, but as it is web-based rather than downloadable, we didn’t find it all that easy to use.

Pairing the Pocket Party with your device is quite simple. You just turn on Pocket Party, and hit the bluetooth button on the side. If you have bluetooth turned on on your device, it shows right up, and you just select Pocket Party to pair. You won’t find the same sort of sound you’d get in a really high quality (and high price) speaker, but the Pocket Party packs a pretty respectable punch when it comes to both sound and volume. We tried it on a variety of music types, and were impressed with the ability to fill a room with sound. To produce more bass, the instructions tell you to set the speaker on a hollow surface – pizza box, tupperware container, Amazon package – whatever you have lying around. This does amplify the bass, but don’t expect to be blown away.


The Pocket Party Bluetooth Expandable Speaker is a fun choice for the audiophile on your list. It’s portable size ad sturdy construction make it easily thrown in a backpack or purse for music on the go, and the cool light features really amp up the fun on your portable party. Though you won’t find the same quality sound as a high end speaker, you won’t find the high end price tag either. The Pocket Party offers big sound in a tiny package, and it won’t break the bank.


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