Posted November 21, 2015 by Amy in Family Fiends

Make a Moment: A Gnoments Review


“Create fun and thoughtful moments for the one you love!”

Life is busy. Between appointments, jobs, and running the kids everywhere (or walking your dog), sometimes it’s tough to fit in any time for romance. Keeping your relationship strong is incredibly important, but sometimes it feels like making time for sweet gestures might just mean cutting sleep out of your daily routine. Before you throw away those pillows and invest in No-Doz, you might want to check out a few other options. A cute little product like Gnoments might just be the no-stress way to squeeze a little more Romeo and Juliet into your frantic lifestyle.

So what exactly are Gnoments? As you might have guessed from the name, they are a set of cute little gnomes. They are heavy and round, with weighted bottoms that allow them to sit up nicely on their own. They are made of a soft fleece, with large red hats sitting atop their fluffy hair. The hats have bendable wire inside them, so you can hang them from a car visor, a cupboard door, or anywhere else you’d like to hide them for your partner to find. On each of their backs is a little bag to hold notes or tiny trinkets of affection, and their little red hands even have magnets inside, allowing the gnomes to sweetly hold hands.

Gnoments come packaged inside a nice box, which includes a book that gives you ideas of how to use your gnomes. Whether you’re a low-tech type who wants to tuck a note into the backpack to meet you in the park, or a high-tech couple who wants to use Gnoments technology to send your sweet a map to your location, there are plenty of ways to use them to spice things up without needing to invest a lot of time.


The idea is that you will tuck your gnome in little places where your partner will find it, signaling that you’ve set up some sort of surprise for them. If you have NFC enabled phones, you can send messages that way, as each of the gnomes has an NFC tag embedded inside of it. You can also send emails and little messages via the Gnoments website. If you’re the old school type, you can slide a little note into the gnome’s pack, perch him next to a vase of flowers, or even set tickets in its lap.

I found the Gnoments to be a cute product that somewhat mimics the popular “Elf on a Shelf” idea. Instead of Santa’s helper watching your kids for Santa, it’s a loving reminder that your partner is thinking of you. The gnomes themselves are well-made and easy to handle – and they look really cute sitting on a shelf (or tucked inside a briefcase). The sets offered currently only come in a boy-girl pair, which includes a cute bearded boy gnome and a girl sporting braids.

I’d love to see a larger selection offered, with matching sets for same sex couples, and even sets for a parent and child to surprise each other. The book that is included in the package already looks just like a hardcover storybook, an offering a kids’ version with suitable text isn’t that much of a stretch. As is, the included book is cute, but it doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of ways to surprise your partner, so other than writing down the times the gnomes have visited, it likely won’t get more than one read through by adult owners.

Gnoments are a fun way to inject a little romance into your busy life. Though the cutesy characters aren’t suited to all types of couples, they offer a tangible reminder to put a little extra thought into your relationship.


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