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Bright Time Buddies Review


“The night light you can take with you”

If you have young children, chances are at one time or another they’ve been afraid of the dark. It’s an almost universal childhood rite of passage, and it’s not a whole lot of fun for parent or child. Though there are tons of night lights on the market, most of them aren’t all that portable or fun. Either you need to plug them into wall (and kids can’t touch), or you have to keep plugging batteries in every time they “forget” to shut it off. Of course, if you’ve ever had a child who is genuinely terrified of being left in the darkness, it’s worth a little trouble to make them feel secure.

Bright Time Buddies takes the night light concept in an entirely different direction. It’s both a night light and a small portable toy, right around four inches high.  It has a soft rubbery body that is easy for even small fingers to grip (and that washes up nicely with a damp cloth). By lightly tapping the button on the top of your Bright Time Buddies’ head, you can turn on the nightlight. If you tap it just once, it will slowly cycle through from bright green to  deep purpley blue to a softly glowing yellow. If you prefer just one soothing color, simply tap the button again when it is on the color of your choice and it will glow in just that color.

Bright Time Buddies are pretty well suited to young children. There are several varieties available – such as unicorn, penguin and puppy – all solid choices in the preschool age range. There aren’t any loose pieces to worry about, and it’s quite sturdily made (and easily washed as well). The single button is easy to turn off and on – and it shuts itself off after an hour, so even if kids fall asleep with it on (and they will), you won’t be replacing batteries every other day. When the batteries do get low, it’s just three AAA batteries to get it going again (no oddly sized batteries is always a plus). My daughter couldn’t wait to take her Bright Time Buddy to bed with her, and she loved the different colors. She wasn’t exactly begging to go to bed, but the Bright Time Buddy certainly made it an easier transition for both of us.


*A Bright Time Buddies Unicorn was provided for review purposes*


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