Posted October 9, 2015 by Amy in Books

The Child: An Audible Drama Review


Sebastian Fitzek presents a heart-stopping thrill ride in the form of The Child, an audio drama by Audible. As the story begins, we are introduced to the two main players: Simon and Stern.  Stern is a tough as nails lawyer who has plenty of energy to devote to his legal pursuits, seeing as how his personal life is in complete shambles. The death of his infant son ten years previously changed Stern, and though his wife has moved on with another man, Stern is still trapped in the past. Simon – now he’s an interesting character, and one you’ll instantly like. Simon is a ten year old boy who is suffering from a fatal condition, and he’s handling it quite well under the circumstances. Though he’s definitely had a rough life, he is polite, kind, and wise beyond his years.

The way Simon and Stern come together sets the stage for the existential question that rules the entire story – do you believe in life after death? In reincarnation? Stern sure doesn’t, but there’s something about Simon that gives you an open mind. You see, Simon needs a lawyer. He will be dying soon, and he wants to turn himself in to the police for a series of crimes he believes he is responsible. Simon believes that he was a serial killer in his previous life, and it is important to him that these crimes be paid for before he passes on. Of course, sTern thinks Simon is just a child with an overactive imagination – until the bodies start showing up, each in the exact place and killed in the exact manner that Simon described.

As The Child progresses, it’s a race against time to uncover the truth about Simon, the murders, and what actually happened to Stern’s son. Readers are kept guessing from the very first page to the very last, and the suspense is only heightened by the convincing voice talent who perform the audiobook. Just a few moments in, you begin to know the voices and the characters behind them, and each one is played perfectly to the story. That, along with sound effects and music, makes you feel as though you are listening to a gripping radio drama from years past. The Child is a great choice for mystery fans, and anyone who loves an unusual story.


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