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QBEH-1 level editor arrives (at last!)

Qbeh-1 - The Atlas Cube logo
Qbeh-1 - The Atlas Cube logo

I very much enjoyed playing QBEH-1, which we reviewed on it’s release last year. A relaxing 3D puzzle game – with some moments of vertigo and related tension – it involved progressing though several worlds, sometimes jumping from point to point but more often using various collected blocks in imaginative ways.

At the time a level editor had been mentioned, and at times since then; an update today has finally added it, allowing players to create – and more importantly, share – their own designs.
QBEH-1 editor screen
Specifically, the features of the editor are described thus:

  • Create levels using similar (world) styles found in the game
  • Mix and match styles from multiple themes in one level
  • Add doors, switch activated doors, moving platforms, fans and more
  • Add special cubes (basic, energy, gravity and force)
  • Add geometry blocks such as walls and floors with different styles
  • Move, resize and rotate objects (only geometry blocks are resizable)
  • Change lighting and add light cubes as light sources
  • Change skybox
  • Select your background music from tracks available in the game
  • Test levels right in the editor
  • Share levels through Steam Workshop
  • Play levels made by others

Part of me does wonder whether the game’s community will still be as focused as it might have been nearer to its release; but there is hope for seeing great creativity appearing, adding extra life to one of the most pleasant games I’ve encountered in recent years.

QBEH-1: The Atlas Cube is available for PC and Mac via Steam


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