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Star Wars Battlefront: Dogfight time

Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode
Star Wars Battlefront: Fighter Squadron Mode

2015 is the year of Star Wars anticipation. While I’m sure it pales in comparison to the anticipation of the original trilogy sequels, it certainly dwarfs anything we’ve been given as the next generation. Yes it might be beating a dead horse to be point of cruelty, but c’mon, Hayden Christensen – how did a CGI version of you come off more human? But I digress.

We’ve been treated to a new Star Wars Battlefront video featuring what many of the Rouge Squadron veterans have been looking forward to; a fighter squadron gameplay demo. The dogfight-style gameplay grows from that of the original Star Wars – rebel forces are concocted from whatever remnants of those wanting to resist the Empire. There are X-Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings… the list goes on – all of whom have different functions and specialities. Meanwhile the Empire forces highlight their disastrous disrespect for the sanctity of life by giving the Tie fighters no shields (compensating this with extra speed).

Every craft will have extras that can give you the edge in a fight, be them speed boosts, lock-on missiles or shields. There is also a new system implemented where you must choose if you’re going to focus power on speed or blasters while flying – the faster you fly they less you’ll be able to fire lasers. Lest we forget the pandering requirement from all media that’s released these days: there are pick ups that allow you to play as the Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett’s Slave One ship.

The last and possibly most significant factor to note is that the controls system for aerial battles seem to be reminiscent of Rouge Squadron rather than Battlefield. The former being a pleasant stroll through airspace that only gave flirtatious glances towards physics when it felt like it, and the latter being like trying to control a mid-air diablo while riding a lit firework.

Take a look at the video and adjust your expectations accordingly, but be warned that we felt this pang of anticipation before Jar Jar came along too…

Fin Carew