Posted August 5, 2015 by Amy in Audio Drama

Amok (Audio Drama) Review


“This was to be her last day alive.”

Ira Samin is a top notch psychologist and hostage negotiator. Well, she was anyway, until the death of her daughter sent her into a downward spiral of alcoholism and despair. Today was to be the day she ended it all…she just wants a drink – Coke Light with Lemon, to be specific – to wash down her pills and end it all. But her quick trip to the convenience store ends up to be anything but as she’s pulled into a hostage situation that is unlike any other. This time, the life of her remaining daughter is at stake, and the hostage taker has nothing to lose, because he’s already lost it all.

Yan May has taken six people hostage in a radio studio in Berlin. The studio’s hook has been their popular cash call, where listeners are called at random to win big bucks by answering their phone with the correct slogan. Yan has come up with a new twist on the cash call. Every hour, he’s going to pick a phone number at random from the phone book, and place a call. If they answer with the correct slogan, a hostage will be set free. If they don’t answer correctly, one of the hostages will be killed. He’ll continue his macabre game until he gets answers. Yan wants his fiancee found, and he’s willing to risk everything to know where she is. The only problem with that is, his fiancee died in a car crash nearly a year ago.

Amok is one of those stories that grips you from the start, and that’s due in equal parts to a fantastic script and a very believable cast. The story itself draws you in a little bit at a time, feeding you little tidbits of Yan and Ira’s stories here and there. As you start to piece together one part of the story, new developments pop up in another area that have you guessing again. It’s a plot that twists and turns, with danger around every corner, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Amok runs for just over eight hours, but it’s time that flies by as you resolve to listen to “just a little bit more” to see what happens next. It’s a story wonderfully written and wonderfully performed, complete with sound effects and a full cast. It’s reminiscent of the sweeping radio dramas of the past, and no less impressive for it’s lack of visuals.


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