Posted June 16, 2015 by Amy in Features

Bluetooth Splash Speaker Review


Don’t be scared of a little splashing this summer.

The Splash Speaker from thumbsUp! lets you get your groove on at the beach, the pool, or even the tub without worrying about getting a little wet. It’s a sturdy little speaker that can stand up to the test of summer living, and that’s a definite plus for music lovers on the go. After all, if you spend your hard earned cash on an expensive speaker, you should be able to use it whenever and wherever you want – without worrying about it getting ruined. The Splash Speaker blends portability, durability, and affordability into one compact little unit that can stand up to your summertime activities.

As far as looks go, the Splash speaker is pretty minimalistic. It’s a simple, sturdy black square, with a border of blue providing the only pop of color. The speaker itself is about four inches square, featuring a rugged tire tread like edging, durable rubber buttons, and a soft to the touch backing. There’s even a handy rubber carrying strap, perfect for grab and go on your way to the beach. There are four rubber buttons running along the top of the speaker, providing easy access to increase and decrease volume, power up or down, and even answering calls.

Along the side of the speaker, a rubber tab hides access ports for usb charging and auxiliary input. The Bluetooth Splash Speaker comes packaged with both the charging cord and the auxiliary input cord, ensuring that you can hook up just about any type of device you like, right out of the box. Although aux input is handy for some things, it’s the bluetooth capability that truly makes it portable and convenient. Though it only has a range of about three to five feet, it is simple enough to wirelessly connect your phone to the device and then hide it safely away in your purse, backpack, or hand (hey, sometimes you want to check your email and listen to tunes at the same time).

Connecting your bluetooth device to the Splash speaker is easy enough to do. Simply power up the speaker (which provides a lovely, chiming tune when it turns on), and then turn bluetooth on on your device. As long as you’re in range, the speaker should show right up – click on it to connect, and you’re good to go. Your music will stream effortlessly through the speaker, and you won’t even have to worry about missed calls or texts, as those sounds will chime through as well, giving you the option to ignore or respond as you wish.

The front of the speaker has a tiny little light that will alert you to low battery by flashing red. We got about four hours of loud music on a single charge, which is pretty decent given the size of the speaker. Though it does give off a nice, rich sound, the Splash Speaker isn’t going to be loud enough to have your neighbors calling the cops (well, not for loud music anyway). It’s plenty to fill a whole room or area with full sound – just not enough to be truly blasting (a fact your neighbors – or your parents – should appreciate).

If you’re looking for a portable solution to summer sound, the Bluetooth Splash Speaker is a great fit. It’s durable, compact, and it’s splash proof – the perfect combination for some summertime fun.


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