Posted May 14, 2015 by Amy in Family Fiends

Shining Through to Summer – A Colgate Sensitive Review


With summer quickly approaching, many of us are fully focused on getting just the right beach body. Whether you’re hitting the gym to be able to confidently rock a bikini, trying on just the right hat to escape the glaring sun, or searching for the perfect suit for both function and form, everybody is looking forward to some fun in the sun. But regardless of what you wear, you won’t be rockin’ a perfect beach look if your teeth are causing a distraction.


It’s important to have clean, healthy teeth – both for an attractive look and for your health. But sometimes even well cared for teeth can be a problem. If you have overly sensitive teeth, dealing with mouth pain is likely a common occurrence for you, and that’s distracting in the worst of ways. Colgate has created a new product for just such an occasion, and I was really impressed with how well it works, in a variety of ways. The Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen is a two-fold system to get a handle on the problem.


The toothbrush itself is soft for sensitive teeth and gums, but it is designed to still fully clean your mouth, with a wide brush head and a rubber bristles on the back of the brush providing full coverage. When used with the Enamel Health Multi-Protection toothpaste, your mouth is left feeling clean and fresh, not battered and bruised. But even with the softest of brushes, sometimes your teeth are going to be sore. For this problem, there is an included Sensitivity Relief pen.


The pen has a soft bristly top that applies a soothing gel directly to the source of the problem. It works great, and conveniently snaps right inside the handle of the toothbrush, so you wont’ have to scramble around to find it when you need it. In order to fit the gel pen inside brush, the handle is much wider than your standard toothbrush, providing another (perhaps unintended) benefit to the brush – an easy grip. For people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, loose joints, etc., gripping can be a real pain, in more ways than one. The added size of the handle on this brush provides a nice, comfortable grip for painful hands – a much appreciated side effect of the larger handle.


The ColgateSensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen is an all-in-one system that gives sensitive mouths relief from pain and a nice, clean shine. The pain relief pen that stores in the toothbrush handle gives instant relief for sore mouths, and the added size of the handle makes for an easy grip for even arthritic hands. It’s a great choice for getting a happy mouth this summer season.


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