Posted May 11, 2015 by Amy in Books

Weird & Wild Animal Facts (Book) Review


“A giraffe’s kick is so powerful, it can decapitate a lion.”


A love for all things animal is almost an absolute when it comes to kids. Whether they can’t help but coo over every kitty and puppy that catches their eye or their tastes run to more exotic animals like sloths and lemurs, kids just love animals. And most elementary aged kids also love a good nonfiction book too, provided it’s written to their love (and has plenty of pictures). With tons of cool animal illustrations, a nice variety of different animals to look at, and some really interesting facts about those animals, Weird & Wild Animal Facts sets just the right note for kids.


My six year old tester was immediately enthralled with the book as soon as she saw it. The entire cover is filled with animals, some of them in silly looking poses, setting the stage for a book that is filled with colorful pictures and sometimes silly facts. As you turn the pages in the book, each animal is given a full two page spread, filled with facts and pictures. The animals are depicted in a variety of different poses (or different varieties – some animals, such as the jellyfish, come in several different types). All of the illustrations in the book are full color photographs, giving kids a nice look at what these animals really look like in their natural habitats.


The animal facts, like the pictures, are spread around the page, rather than a big block of text. This makes them easier to digest for new readers, as well as visually applying them to the pictures they relate to. This sort of layout makes it appealing to kids, while encouraging them to keep reading. Your kids will be spouting off facts about hippos and sloths in no time at all.


Weird & Wild Animal Facts is a great book for lower elementary aged children. With tons of cool facts about animals – and a lot of great pictures to go along with them, it’s the perfect choice for kids who love animals (and parents who want to sneak in a little learning).


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