Posted April 28, 2015 by Amy in Accessories

Perfect Your Pictures: Panoramic Pod Review


Spring has sprung, and with it comes countless photo opportunities. The blooming flowers, the scenic vacations, the fun filled family picnics in the park – all are a great chance to both have a good time and snap some really great pictures. But nature – and big families – don’t always conform to a standard photo frame. A larger photo subject calls for a larger photo, but taking a panoramic picture with today’s most used cameras (those on smart phones) isn’t generally an easy task. To get the perfect shot, you need an absolutely steady hand, perfect timing, and a well timed arc – or you can just let the panoramic pod take care of everything.


The Panoramic Pod may well be an oddly specific product, but it delivers on its promise to get panoramic photos just right – and its small size makes it pretty portable too, easily tossed in a purse or backpack for perfect panoramic photos on the go. The pod itself is pretty simple in design, which makes it intuitive to use. Your phone clips snugly into the top, and can be used upright or flipped to the side, depending on the type of shot you want to get.


The top portion fits into the base of the pod, providing a mini base that is a handy mini tripod that has plenty of use just for that function – simply attach your phone to the Panoramic Pod, and happily snap solo pics and family photos without getting that unprofessional look, or even perfectly timed real estate photos The top of tripod is wound to turn on the rotating that makes the pod perfect for your panoramic photos. Simply wind it up to the right setting (there are markings to indicate how many degrees it will turn, from 10 degrees up to 240 degrees), set your phone to panoramic, click the button,  and let the Panoramic Pod do the work for you.


The rather old school design of the rotating feature means you won’t have to shell out for batteries to keep your pod spinning (the environment and your wallet will thank you). Since the phone isn’t in your hand while you try desperately to both hold it completely stead and turn it at a perfect arc, your photos will come out much more clear. As long as you have it set on a sturdy flat surface, the pod holds your camera perfectly steady and at just the right angle – and the timer keeps things moving at a smooth pace as it turns.


The Panoramic Pod can be used with or without the easily attached tripod, and you can also tilt and tighten the phone mount to get different angles for your photos. As long as you have the pod placed on a nice, steady surface, it takes really impressive photos quite consistently – which is a lot more than can be said for trying to do it by hand. It really makes the best use of your panoramic function, giving clear photos that are difficult to accomplish on your own.


The Panoramic Pod is a neat little niche product that does exactly what it says it will do – help you get perfect panoramic photos, easily. It’s small and quite portable, and runs on its own power – so it’s perfect for photos on the go. Whether you’re trying for the perfect nature shot, a full photo of your large family, or even some full room pictures for a real estate listing, the Panoramic Pod is a great fit.


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