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Total War: Warhammer announced, starting a fantasy trilogy

Total War Warhammer logo
Total War Warhammer logo

Sega have today officially announced the next title in the Total War series, bringing the strategic wargame together with Games Workshop’s fantasy titles in Total War: Warhammer.

It seems a fairly good fit – both are very strategic titles with tactics on the battlefield able to produce victory from seemingly inevitable defeat. Few hard details have been announced yet, although the game’s structure seems it will follow previous Total War titles – a turn-based campaign, punctuated with large scale battles. However, there are changes promised for these, presumably to allow for the fantastical creatures and magical abilities that can be brought to bear.

Four factions have also been announced – the human Empire, the orc and goblin Greenskins, the Dwarfs, and the Undead – although the cinematic trailer (linked above) suggests that there is a greater threat facing them all.

However, this may sound like a small selection of groups when viewed against a setting a large as Warhammer‘s. This game has been announced as the first of a trilogy, with two further stand-alone titles due to follow which will presumably expand the roster (as well as DLC, we can assume). But while not requiring each other to play, the announcement has also suggested that all three titles can be played together as “the single largest Total War experience ever”.

Creative Assembly definitely know how to do real-time strategy battles, and it should be expected that the turn-based tactics of the board game can adapt well too. How elements of high fantasy might affect things will be interesting to see however, without unbalancing the strategic side of things.

Total War: Warhammer is “coming soon” for PC, Mac and SteamOS.


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