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[Finished] Rise of the Triad free on GoG – if you’re fast enough

GoG logo
GoG logo

EDIT 3: Yeah, it was just lagging before; all copies are legitimately gone now.

EDIT 2: The ticker has gone, so all copies seem to have been claimed in less than an hour. Or is it the site struggling to cope with demand?

EDIT: updated the link to the GoG front page, which is where to claim from – not the game’s own page.

Free games are the best games, right?

… Ok, I suspect we’ve all be burned with a free-to-play that has proven to be too casual with either the ‘free’ or the ‘play’, and this is where the traditional model of buying the game to simply enjoy will always be strongest. But what if it’s one of those games that is free?

Apogee and GoG will be giving away Rise of the Triad, the 2013 remake of the 1995 exercise in overkill, from 4pm GMT (midday EDT, 9am PDT) – but only the first 30,000 copies, after which it will be on sale for 80% off (so, presumable £2 instead its usual £10).

And it’s a real throwback to the fast, fast shooters of the mid-90s, for better and for worse (although mostly better). If you want deathmatch action, this should give you some solid fun; what’s more, the GoG release will be compatible with the Steam version if you have friends playing on there.

The promotion is pushing attention to several classic FPS titles that’ll be on sale, with others including SiN Gold (70% off) and Alien vs Predator Classic 2000 (50% off).

But with the freebie going live in 30 minutes as I write this, you’ll probably want to see if you can snag a copy quickly.


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