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Not A Hero gets a release date (finally)

Not A Hero logo
Not A Hero logo

Remember Not A Hero? I do – it was one of the most enjoyable games played at last year’s Rezzed, the kind of game that knows the only kind of kill is overkill, and the only test of your conscience should involve weaponised kittens. Guess what? It’s finally got a release date, May 7.

As a “2 1/4D” shooter, you’ll have to clear up the city for mayoral candidate – and anthropomorphic rabbit from the future, who seems to speak like Bane from Dark Knight Rises – Bunnylord. In practice, this is lots of cover based platforming shooter action, with a tactical element due to forced reloads. It’s silly and awesome, and I went back to play several times that weekend.
Not A Hero screen
Its initial release was meant to be last summer, but that didn’t happen… something mentioned in the press release.

“The Roll7 team really wanted to embrace the indie developer lifestyle by delaying the release of Not A Hero on several occasions for no discernable reason,” noted Roll7 creative director, John Ribbins. “Unfortunately, we also have a publisher so we have to stop messing around and release it. So, May 7 I guess.”

If you can’t wait for May 7 to have a go for yourself, Roll7 and Devolver Digital will have the beta running at PAX East (Boston, 6-8 March), SXSW Gaming (Austin, 13-15 March), and Rezzed (London, 12-14 March).

Not A Hero will be available for PC via Steam, GoG and the Humble store on May 7; a PS4 and PSV version is due to follow.


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