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Sword Coast Legends – be the hero, be the DM

Sword Coast Legends logo
Sword Coast Legends logo

Developers n-Space and Digital Extremes have announced a new game in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, Sword Coast Legends. But as well as taking a party through adventures in the Forgotten Realms, players are also being offered the “first-of-its-kind” role of being a DM in real-time, adjusting the game for other (character) players.

Sword Coast Legends screen

A screen shot from DM mode; note how the monsters being placed look like the miniatures used in the pen-and-paper game, complete with bases.

It will be interesting to see in more detail what is involved, although there are examples of a DM placing monsters in the trailer, and it is likely the DM’s powers will expand far beyond just being a combat enabler. The claim of being the first did catch my attention, as the classic Neverwinter Nights also had a DM mode. There is room for differences and improvements of course, and nothing to stop Sword Coast Legends both doing things better and differently. From the outset, it looks that here DMs will be offered a specific mode to play (as opposed to NWN, which involved a separate client and basically offered an existing player metagame abilities).

[For the record, Neverwinter Nights is name-dropped in the press release with contributors from the old game adding to the new one; which does add weight to this being aware of what was done before and still confident in its “first-of-its-kind” claim]
Sword Coast Legends screen
A good DM should be able to add to the enjoyment of a game. But without a DM, hopefully the game will also be enjoyable, using 5th Edition rules to explore an area of Faerun that almost feels like a second home after being covered in numerous titles dating back more than two decades. Certainly, the emphasis there seems to be on tactical combat (the trailer shows a fight being paused briefly for a character to change targets) should offer satisfaction at overcoming the odds.

Sword Coast Legends is due for release via Steam later in 2015.


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