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Iconic Horror Movie To Get Game Tie-In This Year ?


The iconic horror flick Friday the 13th is taking another stab at the gaming industry according to the film series creator Sean S Cunningham who told EGM that the game will most likely be launching in October 2015.

The unstoppable force that is Jason Voorhees shall once again return to Camp Crystal Lake and hunt you and the rest of your small group of survivors down. It is believed that Jason will be controlled by one player and the survivors, controlled by other players, will be against him in a sort of survival, predator/prey multiplayer session with all the scares and thrills fans of the franchise will expect.


The developer has not been announced yet but it is said that an “experienced game studio” has taken control of the development of the game. The game shall reference classic moments from the movie franchise and also will include content and themes from the upcoming Friday the 13th television series.

The new game penned Friday the 13th is set to have an October 2015 release for multiple platforms to tie in with the release of the Friday the 13th television series.

Cunningham hints that the developer, consoles it will be out on and more is to be announced on this game within the coming weeks.

With this being Jason’s first official outing since 1989′s NES port, fans of the series and gamers alike are sure to be happy at the prospect of playing as the unstoppable, seemingly un-killable Jason or being hunted down by him at the Camp Crystal Lake setting itself is exciting.

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