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January: Games With Gold

D4 logo
D4 logo

Normally, with Christmas over it’s normal for everyone to look at their waistlines and wonder if they overdid it; and if you took advantage of some of the offers run over the holiday then it is likely your Xbox is looking at its hard disk and thinking it overdid things too. But while we start the year with intentions of getting trim again, the 360 and XB1 are out of luck as the new Games With Gold for January are live today.

For the Xbox One is Dark Dreams Don’t Die – also known as D4, but not to be confused with the old D series of games. It follows detective David Young, a man whose wife’s murder has left him unable to remember things but able to travel in time, a skill that could serve his profession well if it was more controllable.
D4 screen
Released only a few months ago and getting decent if not outstanding reviews, D4 is noted among other things for making good use of the Kinect controller – the game was primarily (but not exclusively) designed for it. Consisting of three “episodes”, further episodes will be made depending on player reaction… and having its playerbase expanded as dramatically as this, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

MX vs ATV Alive box artOn the 360, there are two games as normal. From today until the 15th MX vs ATV Alive is the freebie, albeit one that may end up costing a fair bit. Giving you off-road racing action may be great, although the reviews tended to see it as something more average, perhaps due to the more minimal approach taken with the core game.

The thing is, on its release in 2011 it was deliberately available at a lower-than-normal price, balanced by a large amount of DLC to be available; on the bright side, if you play the game for free and enjoy it, you can be happy knowing there is plenty more there just needing your wallet to unlock.

Witcher 2 box artFinally, from the 16th January 360 owners – the adult ones anyway – can lay their hands on The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Following the continuing journey of witcher Geralt as he slays beasts across the land (and seemingly sleeps with half the women he meets too), this action-RPG was released in 2012 to near universal praise. It is also probably hoped this will whet our appetites, with Witcher 3 due for release May this year – although only for the Xbox One (as well as PC and PS4).


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