Posted December 15, 2014 by Amy in Accessories

BudStraps (Audio Accessory) Review


In today’s highly connected world, earbuds seem like more of a necessity than an accessory. Whether you’re out on a run and jamming to your favorite tunes, or listening in on a conference call, most of us take audio everywhere we go. But the convenience of earbuds come with a price – tangled cords and dropped buds are an annoyance most of us hate dealing with. The solution? Budstraps.

BudStraps are one of those products where you just can’t believe it hasn’t already been sold for years, simply because it is so basic and useful. BudStraps are simply just a strap that holds your earbuds in place around your neck, keeping tangles to minimum and tension down, which really cuts down on falling buds. While the concept may be simple, the execution is pure quality – this isn’t some cheaply made dollar store product that can’t stand up to your busy life.

The strap itself is made from soft neoprene that has some give to it, letting it rest comfortably around the back of your neck. Each side of the strap has a spring loaded clip that securely holds your cord in place without allowing any slippage. That means you can adjust your earbuds for maximum comfort, and they’ll stay where you put them. When not in use, you can snap the BudStraps together, forming a loop that can be hooked on a bag or backpack, or even thrown around your wrist.

One of the places where BudStraps will really make a noticeable difference is during your daily workout. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re sweating over weights or pedaling on a bike is falling earbuds, and the BudStraps keep everything nicely in place. They also make it convenient to for on and off usage – even when you aren’t plugged in, they’re right there around your neck for when you need them. You can even wash them after those particularly brutal workouts.

For those who like a little variety, BudStraps come in several different colors, and there’s even an upcoming Sport variety that promises to be even more lightweight and comfortable. Overall, we found the standard BudStraps to be an innovative and useful product that almost completely eliminates the minor annoyances that come with earbud usage. They’re one of those products that you’ll find yourselves using all the time, particularly for working out – and they’d make a great gift too. BudStraps are currently being funded on KickStarter. You can check out their campaign here.


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