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Limited Edition PS1-style PlayStation 4 has been announced for Playstation’s 20th Anniversary


With PlayStation celebrating their 20th anniversary you could suspect they’d have some sort of celebratory reveal up their sleeves. Revealed on the day of their 20th anniversary from their release date in Japan is an original PlayStation 1 style colour schemed PlayStation 4 console. 

The special editions are individually numbered on an aluminium plate and limited to 12,300 units – to reflect the original 3rd December (12/3) launch of the first PlayStation. Each console features a grey finish and original colour PlayStation logo on the console, controller and other accessories.  The console and controllers touch pad will have original console symbols (traingle, cirlcle, square and x) with a 20 next to it etched into them.

special_edition_gallery_01The 20th anniversary  edition contains the PS4 console, Dualshock 4 controller, PlayStation camera and other accessories all in original PlayStation grey. The console will have its very own special black and white 20th anniversary packaging.gaming-playstation-turns-20-07

Along with the celebratory console there is a 20th anniversary theme for the PS3, PS4 and Vita. This free download changes each console’s interface to the original console’s classic grey colour and PlayStation logo colours. Also when you start up the PS4 the original PS1 classic boot up sound is played.


Sony will continue the celebrations will continue this weekend (6th & 7th December) with a massive two-day community event PlayStation experience being held in Las Vegas, there is to be announcements and new games made at this event. The consoles will also be on sale during this event and retail sellers will receive the consoles later this month.


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