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Tinykeep escapes onto Mac and Linux

Tinykeep logo
Tinykeep logo

Tinykeep, a successful Kickstarter project to make a roguelike action-RPG and released for PC a couple of months ago is now bringing its difficulty curve to Mac and Linux users with versions for those platforms now being released.

Tinykeep was already making some waves months before release thanks to developer Phi Dinh setting the challenge at EGX Rezzed for the first person to beat the demo getting free drinks that weekend. This led to some very determined repeat players, mostly ending in failed dungeon escapes – Tinykeep is hard, with its roguelike roots showing in having randomised dungeons and encounters, limited options for regaining health, and permadeath.
Tinykeep screen
This doesn’t make it impossible of course, but a game that requires some learning. However, unlike traditional roguelikes Tinykeep is more akin to an action game, with movement and combat happening in realtime (and working happily on a joypad). And while the dungeon may be trying to kill you off pretty quickly, as you learn the environment you can turn it against your enemies – at Rezzed knocking over flaming sconces briefly set fire to rooms, and luring enemies over spike traps did the inevitable to your opponent in a satisfying manner.

Of course, the full game offers more than the single level demo shown – numerous secrets are promised to await discovery, as well as buffs bought to help give you an edge, and various weapons beyond the mundane sword to find as… well, a far sharper kind of edge to help you. Expect a review of the full title soon.

Tinykeep is now available for Mac and Linux, joining the PC release that was already available.


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