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Skyforge beta entry available for minigame winners

Skyforge logo
Skyforge logo

Skyforge, the MMORPG by Allods Team and Oblivion Entertainment, is currently in closed beta – Games Fiends briefly got hands on with an early build a few weeks ago, and testing is continuing. And if you want a chance to join in with that testing, you may be in with a chance thanks to an online minigame launched today. [Minigame site in German here; and in French here]

The title, Aelion’s Treasure, involves clicking random nodes on an extremely simplified Ascention Atlas from the main game; some nodes are empty, some contain instant loss markers, but seven have blue gems – and you can either get five of these to win beta entry, or let the number of gems collected each day build up, whereupon the top twenty scoring players will also win guaranteed beta entry.
Skyforge Aelions Treasure screen
You get seven goes at the board daily, running from today (November 26th) to December 23rd, so plenty of chances to build up a score.

Sounds simple? Pretty much. But as well as the regular method of signing up to the website and hoping to get picked, it offers something a little different.


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