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Dark Souls 2 Soon To Be Unleashed For Next Gen


Namco Bandai have announced that From Software’s Dark Souls 2will be heading over to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 next year.

On April 7 a brand new edition to the game will be released, named Dark Souls 2: The Scholar of The First Sin. Which sounds awesome! All versions will contain the original game, including 3 DLC expansion packs which were released earlier this year. However, From Software have made some alterations throughout.

The PC version, along with Xbox One and PS4 will have updated graphics, more balanced gameplay and will be able to take on a higher volume of players in online games, additionally, there will be more challenging enemies, a new NPC to locate, expanded lore and some brand new in-game events taking place as well.

Unfortunately, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will not have the updates put in place. However, the downloadable content will be available for purchase. Moreover, there is a word of a free patch that last-gen console gamers can upload which will rebalance the game and allow for that extra in-game content and expansion of the story.

Or you could just scrap the game and all the hours you have pumped into it and buy the brand new for the new-gen consoles? Just a thought.

The three DLC’s – which were all extremely impressive and transported the player to brand new areas which were both beautiful and immersive – were Crown of The Sunken King, Crown of The Ivory King and Crown of The Old Iron King.

The new gen games will be released next year. That, The Scholar of The First Sin, the new lore and added content as well as the three add-ons will make for an extremely impressive package, as well as providing you with an immense amount of game time!

Here is the trailer for The Scholar of The First Sin.

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