Posted November 17, 2014 by Amy in Android

Energy Shot Review


“I have…the POWER!”

We’ve all been there. Our lifeline, our connection to all we hold dear, our *cell phone* is dying – and we are nowhere near an outlet. Whether you’re offline because you’re camping in the wilderness or stuck on a commute, the struggle is real. If only there were a way to bottle the power needed to charge up your mobile devices, much like an energy drink can give you a quick shot of power when motivation is waning. Enter the Energy Shot, an economical answer to your prayers.

The Energy Shot is a very obvious (and adorable) nod to the energy shot drinks you can find at any gas station. Packed inside it’s compact bottle is the lipstick sized portable power that will be your lifeline when batteries run low. It’s comes with a tiny little cord that can be used to power up your device, or to power up the Energy Shot once it’s precious life has been transferred to your phone. It’s all very compact, perfect for storage in a purse, backpack, or briefcase for phone emergencies.

The device itself is very simple – and even comes charged right out of the package (perfect for those of us who aren’t particularly good about planning ahead). The tiny cord that comes with it has a usb connection on one end and micro usb on the other, and there are ports for both on one end of the charger. Simply plug one end into your device, and the other into the Energy Shot for sweet, sweet power. It will charge your device quickly and easily, and you can use your device when it’s charging too. Once you’ve run it dry, simply plug the Energy Shot into a wall outlet (adaptor not included) or the nearest usb port on your computer. Easy peasy.

The Energy Shot is one of those devices that is perfect for its simplicity. It’s very easy to use – it’s intuitive to just grab the cord and start charging. It’s ready to use as soon as you open the package, and can be recharged again and again for extended use (up to 500 times). It’s quick, it’s easy – and it’s just the boost of power that those of us addicted to energy hungry mobile devices need. You can use the included cord to power up your Android devices, or use your own charging cord for Apple types. If it needs charging and can be hooked up via usb, the Energy Shot by my Charge can handle it. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the techie in your life (and a perfect gotta-have-it gift for yourself too).


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