Posted November 12, 2014 by Aaron in Announcements

Just Cause 3 In Development


Swedish developer Avalanche Studios recently announced that Just Cause 3 is in development. It will be released in 2015 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Editors at Game Informer were give the opportunity to play the game for a few hours and noted a major improvement with regards to the games grapple and parachute mechanics. They also mentioned the addition of a new wingsuit, that allowed them to glide.

Fans may also be glad to hear that Christofer Sundberg co-founder and chief creative officer at Avalanche has confirmed that micro-transactions will be be a feature in the game.

Not a lot of details have been revealed about the game, but from what we know Just Cause 3 is shaping up to be just as successful as its predecessor. What would you like to see or not see in the game? lets ud know by leaving a comment below.


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