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Trailer: Skywind Shows off New Armour Sets And Landscapes

Skywind Wallpaper 2
Skywind Wallpaper 2

Elder Scrolls fans will surely be aware of the Renewal Project: Skywind. For those who don’t know, Skywind is a non-commercial, fan made modification of TES: Skyrim V which seeks to completely overhaul the graphics of Morrowind and replace them with, the more up-to-date, graphics of Skyrim.

The trailer shows off new additions to the overhaul. The classic Morag Tong armour, Netch leather armour, Dreugh armour and Iron armour are just a small example of the changes that are being made to each of the armour sets. The trailer also explores the new and improved West Gash, The Bitter Coast and Sheogorad areas as well.

There are more details about the project on the TESRenewal website

Here’s the trailer to this ambitious project:


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