Posted November 7, 2014 by Aaron in News

Lords Of The Fallen Expansion DLC

Lords of the Fallen logo
Lords of the Fallen logo

Polish developer CI Games recently announced that Lords Of The Fallen will be receiving a new Expansion DLC. The name of the content is Ancient Labyrinth and will be released this Winter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The DLC will bring players to a new location called the Library, here they will be faced with a number of puzzles that will serve as a new and hopefully enjoyable feature. Here players will be able to delve deeper into the otherwise lacking back story of the main protagonist, Harkyn.

The expansion will also include a new ancient lord unlike any other in the game, This one is capable of shifting its abilities during the fight to keep players alert and on their toes.

The DLC includes more than the main story however, players can expect to come across a number of different NPC’s with side quests that may have an effect on how you play through the game. And of course a vast menagerie of armour and weapons to hack and slash your way to redemption.

As of yet CI Games have not announced the exact release date or price.


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