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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Released

Gabriel 2 copy
Gabriel 2 copy

Jane Jensen the original creator of the awesome and acclaimed Gabriel Knight has licensed the IP from the company Activision and has taken up working on her first Gabriel Knight game since her departure from Sierra Online in 1999. The game has been released for PC platforms and also tablets.

Players will revisit one of gaming’s greatest classics, by once again taking on the role of Gabriel Knight, a struggling bookstore owner who begins to investigate the mysterious voodoo murders in the city of New Orleans. Whilst discovering the secrets of his family in a terrifying point-and-click horror.

This retelling of the 1993 blockbuster hit will blend modern, swanky new graphics but has stayed true to it’s original 90′s roots. It’s worth noting that this game was voted the ‘Best Game of All Time’ by an entirely new generation of fans.

Having played the 1993 version of the game and a small demo of the new 2014 version I believe this should be one for adventure fans to keep an eye on. There isn’t much that has been changed around the gameplay itself it really stays true to the original. However, the visuals have been significantly improved compared to the clunky originals, so that the player can enjoy the stunning 3D high-res graphics. Moreover, the soundtrack has been completely remastered by the original composer Robert Holmes.

Additional puzzles and scenes have been added to the game with familiar challenges to give those who played the original a fresher feel. Another thing that players will enjoy is the bonus content (you can get that with the bonus edition of the game) and the special extras, which won’t be spoiled here for the newcomers to the game.

The game is available on Steam for download on PC and Mac at a price of $19.99. For Android and iOS users you will have to wait a little longer but it is coming soon!


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