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A World of Keflings gets WiiU release date

world of keflings wii u
world of keflings wii u

Ninjabee announced that their game, A World of Keflings, previously only available on Xbox 360 and PC would be making its way to the WiiU.

The date has been set for the 13th of November and will be launching with a $10 price tag just like it had when it launched on Xbox 360 and PC. However this time buyers will be treated to the full menagerie of DLC that the game has received since it first launched in December 2010.

Project manager of A World of Keflings, Justin Hakanson, said that the WiiU is the “perfect home” for the game, and its not hard to see why. The game pad can be used for multiple features during the game, for example accessing a mini-map to keep track of all of your minio… I mean Keflings.

The player can also use their Mii Character whilst playing through the game, similar to how you used an avatar in the Xbox 360 version.


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