Posted October 20, 2014 by Jason Meek in News

New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Character Leaked


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has been out for less than a week, but some crafty modders have already found what may be an unannounced DLC character hidden in the game files of the PC version after an update.

A screenshot of the new character, Aurelia the Baronness, was posted on the Se7enSins forum by user TechnoJack.

The files and data for her is included in the next Borderlands Pre-Sequel update which is available on Steam if you subscribe to the beta channel,” writes TechnoJack. “While hidden until you purchase the DLC, it’s possible to force the game to play as her with some tinkering.”

TechnoJack did not explain exactly how to unlock the character, or any details about Aurelia’s skills or play style. Unlike the other playable Vault Hunters in the Pre-Sequel, Aurelia has never appeared in the Borderlands series before, so we don’t know what her story is.

So far, there haven’t been any official details released on Aurelia the Baronness, although Handsome Jack (or at least his genetically-identical body double) was confirmed as a DLC character at PAX Prime. It’s likely she will be available for purchase sometime in the future.

All DLC characters, missions and challenges will be included in the Season Pass, which can be purchased now for $29.99.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available for PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Jason Meek