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October: Games With Gold

Chariot Game Title
Chariot Game Title

It’s October, and once again it’s that time of month. That’s right, Xbox Live’s Games with Gold program is has begun to roll out another three new games for Xbox Live players.

First and foremost, for the Xbox One is Frima Studiuos’s, Chariot, the first IDXbox game to make its debut as a free game. Chariot is a co-op, physics based platformer, where players play as a princess who has just lost her father. She’s on a mission to take the king’s remains to a sepulcher suitable for a king. Add in the fact that this mission was imposed on her by her ghostly –and really crabby if I say so- father, and she’s decided to bring her fiancé along, and hilarity ensues. Having just come out, we can’t say too much in the way of reviews as of yet, although things are looking pretty good. It may have made its debut as a free game, but make sure you don’t let that deter you. Download it for free and see if you like it yourself!

For those of you wondering about Xbox One’s second game for the month, Crimson Dragon is still available, and there isn’t much reason for you to have not picked it up yet.

For Xbox 360 this month, players will be able to pick up two bigger titles, rather than one from the arcade, and one full game.


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To start the month out (and available now), is developer DICE’s Battlefield Bad Company 2. This was a hit among many players of first-person shooters, and is still actively played by gamers all around. The game also managed to score some pretty solid scores from reviewers all around the board. There were lots of 8-9/10’s to be seen. This is regarded by some fans as one of the best games in the Battlefield franchise, and you can see why. In this game,  the vehicular combat that the Battlefield franchise is known so well for shines, and players are exposed to the unbridled destruction they know so well from DICE’s other games.  The game is free now, and as always we recommend picking it up as soon as possible, no reason to wait on it!

Darksiders IIAfter the 15th of this month, players will be able to pick up Vigil Games’s blockbuster Darksiders II. Darksiders II is an action-rpg with some heavy hack-n-slash elements, where players take control of Death, brother of the first game’s protagonist, War and one of the Four-Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  As Death, players set out on journey to clear War’s name of the crimes charged against him, as well resurrect the human race. Players will face relentless enemies and brain-wracking puzzles as they guide Death on his journey. This game is normally valued at up to 49.99 (on Xbox Live), so this is a steal! Make sure to pick it up while you have the chance.

Once again, you’ll have time to pick up Xbox One’s games all month, whereas you’ll need to pick up Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Darksiders II by the 15 and 31st respectively.

Lloyd Waller