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Iron Fisticle – twin sticks and dungeon grinding

Iron Fisticle logo
Iron Fisticle logo

Iron Fisticle is a hard name to ignore. It is either a travesty of language or a verbal sandwich made of fun and genius which, given that it is the name of a new title by some of the team involved with Stealth Bastard, is more likely.

First impressions from the available screenshots scream “Gauntlet!”, even down to arcade-style scanlines across the monster-and-food filled dungeons. However, Iron Fisticle is a twin-stick shooter, having more in common with Robotron (a title name dropped by Dave Parsons on Curve Studios’ website when first mentioning the game two years ago).
Iron Fisticle screen
The dungeons are to be randomised in a roguelike manner each game, and so should give different experiences every time; but an unelaborated mention of persistent character upgrades is promised to allow players to press a little further each game. For more of an advantage the game can be played co-operative with another player, although the wording of the release leaves it unclear if it will be only be local multiplayer or online as well.

But twin-stick shooters are a very simple, fun concept – one of the earliest game types, and one that still gives us some great (if niche) titles today. Hopefully, given the tributes to early titles, there should be some of that core fun from an easy-to-grasp mechanic when Iron Fisticle is released.
Iron Fisticle screen
Iron Fisticle is due for release on PC via Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Humble Store on September 16th.


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