Posted August 22, 2014 by Amy in Accessories

Futbol Freek (Gaming Accessory) Review


Unleash the control freak inside of you.

KontrolFreek is an increasingly popular gaming accessory company that seeks to help you make the most out of your game time by pimping your existing controllers for increased utility and maximum style. There are a variety of KontrolFreeks available, each designed with a particular gaming genre in mind, and styled to match your game. You can up your game and personalize your controllers, all in one surprisingly affordable move.

Today, we’re trying out Futbol Freeks, designed with the discerning soccer (or football) fan in mind. They are white in color, featuring an instantly recognizable soccer ball design in white on top, covering a green base that mimics a grassy field in color. If soccer style is your goal (ha!), they’ve got you covered in that field (I’m here all week, folks).

For those unfamiliar with the KontrolFreek brand, they are a quick add-on for your controller. They simply clip onto the control sticks of your controller. They snap on easily, and come off just as easily when you’re finished with them. We tried out the Fotbol Freeks for Xbox360/PS3, which fit controllers for both consoles, but they are also available for new consoles as well.


The secret to the Futbol Freeks is added range. Small though they may be, the added height gives your control sticks a larger range of motion which, in turn, gives you more control over your game. You’ll soon find that you are making more accurate shots with added precision, all from a somewhat adorable little soccer ball grip. And speaking of grip, Futbol Freeks help out in that area as well. They are concave in design, which allows your thumbs to rest easily without a lot of slippage (something PS3 owners in particular will appreciate). The grooved design, combined with a rubbery nonslip surface only adds to the enhanced grip, further increasing your accuracy.

I was really impressed by the value and utility that Futbol Freeks have to offer. I know plenty of gamers willing to shell out their hard earned cash for bling value alone, and the genre-specific design of Futbol Freek fulfills that purpose quite nicely. But the real value in these is the way that just a little bit of extra height and enhanced grip instantly ups your game. It’s still you playing (no cheat codes or mods needed) – but it’s you playing with a wider range of control and grips of steel (it’s more like grips of rubber, but you get the idea).


Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for the gamer who has everything, or just a little boost to your own gameplay, you can’t go wrong with Futbol Freek. Currently retailing at just over $10, they’re a quick fix that doesn’t require you to shell out for a new controller. And with their newly announced availability at Best Buy stores, they’re easy to find as well.


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