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Kyn trailer promises a world to explore

Kyn logo
Kyn logo

At heart, I feel I am an explorer. Unfortunately, this is offset by being lazy, but when a game presents me with chances to see what is over the next horizon without actually needing to walk there, consider me interested. Thus, temptation is definitely provided by Kyn, a game that promises “an engrossing world worth exploring” and shows some of it in a new trailer (linked above).

It is also a change of pace from the quirky trailer released earlier this year when the game was first announced. The game promises to combine team-based combat with exploration, with the teams being composed according to your preferred strategy.
Kyn screen
Stats are broken into “body”, “mind”, and “control”, with their descriptions sounding like composites for fighter, mage and rogue classes respectively. As such, you could field a team of hairy axe-wielding warriors, or powerful nukes, or trap setting archers… or more practically a mixture of the above.

The trailer also shows several puzzles, with two- and three-man teams fighting (but space for up to six) and apparently working separately in some areas. Mostly though, it shows a variety of biomes, peaceful and dangerous spaces, and a world that will hopefully live up to its description for exploration.

Originally scheduled for a release this summer, Kyn is “confirmed for release” on PC, Mac and Linux early next year.


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