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Back to School With a Happy Mouth

Dr Fresh LLC Reach Complete Care Toothbrushes
Dr Fresh LLC Reach Complete Care Toothbrushes

A review of Reach Complete Care Triple Angle brushes

Whether you’re headed back to school yourself, steering your kids in that direction, or just getting ready for the busy days of fall, taking care of business when it comes to your mouth is probably pretty low on your list of priorities. After all, you’ve got stuff to do, right? Unfortunately, letting go just a little bit when it comes to oral care can mean expensive (and terrifying) visits to a dental chair near you. Jokes are often made about a gamer diet of Mountain Dew and Doritos, but let’s face it, most of us – gamers or not – are likely not eating a completely healthy diet, and that combined with slacking on brushing can lead to disaster.

So, though it does deviate a bit from our norm, we wanted to take a few minutes to steer you in the direction of a solution that won’t take up too much of your time (or your budget). The old adage that you get what you pay for is definitely true (I’m looking at you, buying your toothbrush in the dollar aisle). Then again, you don’t have to break the bank to get the right blend of comfort and clean. Reach has just released a new line of Complete Care Triple Angle brushes that promise some really beneficial features to make every second spent brushing count – and priced at around $3.99 each (or two for $5.99), they’re a pretty solid investment in lower dentist bills.

So what do the Triple Angle brushes have to offer over the millions of other brushes on the shelf? First of all, they’re big. The chunky handle with soft finger rests makes for a really nice grip, giving you a lot of control when using the brush. The brush head itself is also nicely sized, offering really nice coverage of both upper and lower teeth (it is sized a bit large though, so keep in mind that these brushes won’t be a good fit for your little gamers). The head sits on an angled neck that, when combined with bristles that are angled in three directions, makes cleaning every area of your mouth an easy task. No area of your mouth is hard to reach, and the brush is designed to maximize contact, making every movement count.

The Complete Care Triple Angle brushes come in two different types. The “Floss” version has special bristles that are designed to get in between teeth (not that you should skip flossing, but a lot of people do).   The “Pro” brushes are for those looking to blast away plaque, with special angling on the brush head to get things super clean. We found that both brushes performed really well under day to day use, making getting a clean mouth for less cash one more thing easily checked off our to-do lists.

While a new toothbrush might not be a usual addition to your back to school supply lists, keeping your mouth clean and healthy is a top priority if you want to avoid a season filled with not-so fun dentist visits. With maximum coverage at a reasonable price, the Triple Angle brush is a solid choice for getting the most out of your toothbrush, no fuss needed.


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