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Games with Gold -August


For all those interested in getting free games this month, don’t forget to check out Xbox Live’s,” Games with Gold” program, which allows anyone who owns an Xbox Live Gold subscription to pick up two free games each month for their console generation of choice, Xbox 360, or Xbox One –or four games, both if you own both consoles- though the games are chosen by Microsoft.

This month, for the Xbox One, players will be able to download Crimson Dragon, an on-rails shooter that takes place in a fantasy universe where humans ride dragons. Players will be able to team up with up to three other people and take part in battles on a massive scale. Players are able to level up their pilots, as well as their dragons’ abilities over time, although it has been said this this can be a bit tedious. This game was an Xbox One launch title, and while reviews weren’t too great for the game, it’s free – so makes sure to grab it and try it out for yourself!

Xbox One’s other option for a free game is Born Ready Games’ Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, a space-shooter where players assume the role of the pilot of a strike-suit –a fighter-craft capable of morphing into a humanoid mech suit- and battle through fleets of enemy ships in a war to save Earth. Reviews were better all-around for this game, from 6’s to 8’s so it might just be something to check out. Keep in mind that both of the games are available right now for Xbox One, unlike the 360 games, which are released on the 1st and 15th.


For the Xbox 360, this month’s games include Bongfish Game’s, Motocross Madness, a game where player’s avatars are able to free roam or race across a number of different tracks, boosting, drifting and doing tricks along the way. This game is an arcade game and like others, there’s a chance it’ll be hit or miss, but at the low, low, low price of free-ninety-nine, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. The second game to be offered for Xbox 360 this month will be Arcane Studios and Bethesda Softwork’s Dishonored, a stealth-action adventure game that puts players in the shoes of Corvo Attono, – a man betrayed, and given powers by the mysterious Outsider – on his path to redemption (by killing people of course…well, mostly). This game gives the players the power of choice, allowing them to be a pacifist, or to orchestrate a symphony of death. The choices that player makes will affect the story, as well as the gameplay scenarios they face. For free, it doesn’t seem like any of the games being offered this month are a bad deal, especially Dishonored, so if you’ve got a gold membership, make sure to pick up these games. Also you can check out our own review of Dishonored, right here.

Lloyd Waller