Posted May 13, 2014 by Adam in News

Watch Dogs Releases 9 Minute Long 101 Trailer

watch_dogs image
watch_dogs image

Still not sure about whether Watch Dogs will live up to the early hype? Ubisoft have released the following trailer outlining the gameplay.

Hacking, characters, driving, multiplayer and driving are all detailed in the following “Watch Dogs 101″ video. The companion app is also given some screentime, which turns your phone or tablet into a version of the CTOS mobile phone featured in the game, although the functionality is tied down to online PVP only, which seems like a wasted opportunity.

The in-game phone is also detailed, which opens up the opportunity for some interesting augmented reality gameplay which should break up the pace of the more grounded Chicago based gameplay (and will no doubt be a source of many DLC updates in the future).

For a trailer, it’s unusually comprehensive in detailing the game world, and perhaps a reaction to the growing sense from the gaming community that this game might not set the world alight like it did with its E3 reveal two years ago.

Watch Dogs is released on 27th May for PC and the Sony and Microsoft consoles.


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