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Battlefield 4 Rubber Banding Issues Addressed, Sort Of.

Battlefield 4 image
Battlefield 4 image

Bad news for fans of sharp, jerky and repetitive movements. Developers EA DICE have spun up a series of high performance servers in order to try and address the problem.

A long standing complaint since Battlefield 4‘s release, the issues have recently become more frequent when the Naval Strike DLC was released. EA DICE attributed the issue to configuration of certain servers that were dedicated solely to 64 player matches, which were an exclusive feature to the PC and next gen console releases.

As a result, EA DICE confirmed today that they have deployed new servers and claim to have already seen a performance improvement as a result.

However all is still not well with the Battlefield 4 community, with many angry that last gen console owners of the game are being left with the rubber banding issues that they’re encountering, despite not having the option of 64 player matches. Other initial responses range between those who are seeing some improvements to those who are still encountering the issue, alongside poor framrates for the PS4 version.

All in all though, a six month wait for a fix to a major issue on a triple-A title by a developer that’s backed by the biggest games publisher in the world is hardly something that EA DICE should be too proud of.

Source: www.battlefield.com


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