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SOMA Trailer Released

SOMA image
SOMA image

The next title from Amnesia: The Dark Descent gets a teaser trailer which reveals an abandoned underwater station setting for their next game.

It’s a bold location to choose, obviously developer Frictional Games are well aware that this setting would have everyone shouting “Rapture!” but this looks to be significantly low key compared to the art-deco madness of Bioshock’s original setting. The Sci-Fi horror title is set to follow in the footsteps of Amnesia, whereby players are forced to hide from, and not confront, their pursuers. In this case, it is machines who have taken on a life of their own, and seemingly begin to grow ever increasing levels of human conciousness, but there are hints that something more alien is taking a hold of the human crew as well.

Sadly the title is still a way off yet, it is scheduled for release in 2015 on Windows, Linux, Mac and PS4. But the following two live action videos are an indication that this is definitely something for sci-fi fan and horror fans to keep a close eye on.

Source: SOMA Website




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