Posted March 31, 2014 by Amy in Books

The Uncolored Book For You To Color (Book) Review


Prolific skateboard artist Matt French presents a wicked cool “uncolored” book for your enjoyment.

In perhaps one of the cooler “About the Author” segments I’ve seen lately, The Uncolored Book For You To Color begins with a page long bio that tells how Matt French used his time in jail (on  graffiti charges) to hone his artistic skills. Since then, he has gone on to work with a variety of artists and experiments with nearly every medium available, conventional and otherwise. With an intro like that, you know you’re in for something unique, and The Uncolored Book For You To Color doesn’t disappoint.

The book is set up like a traditional coloring book, with a single uncolored graphic on each page. The book is printed on a nice quality white paper, which cuts down on color bleed for your coloring medium of choice (I’m fond of markers personally, and traditional coloring pages just don’t hold up). There isn’t anything in the way of text or categories, just plain page after page of stark black and white images for your coloring pleasure.

Matt French’s skateboarder roots are immediately evident as you page through The Uncolored Book For You To Color. Many of the images actually include skateboards within them, with a variety of beasts riding or breaking them, and the very first image is that of a slobbering skateboard beast with an impressive thatch of hair. Most of the images would look equally cool on a skateboard or as body art, and there’s plenty of detail in there to make coloring them interesting.

There are hot dogs, and roses, and skulls enough to please any art fan, and for the most part the book contains drawings that readers will enjoy both for their artistic value and their coloring potential. Whether you’re an adult fan looking for a relaxing activity, or a parent looking for something a little different than the standard Disney fare for your young artists, The Uncolored Book For You To Color is coloring book done right. However, there are a few images that, while they are impressively done and fit the theme quite well, just don’t seem like they belong. These are full page advertisements of events like the Harvest Gnarfest for various years. They just aren’t as fun to color, and they sort of interrupt the flow of cool images that stand on their own, ready to be colored.

The Uncolored Book For You To Color is a wicked cool coloring book for skateboard fans of any age. With a variety of pen and ink images on quality paper, it provides hours of coloring fun in a unique style. While a few of the images include event advertisements that don’t really suit the feel of the book, overall it’s a great option for something just a little bit different.


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