Posted March 26, 2014 by Adam in News

New Tropico 5 Trailer Released

Tropico 5 Image
Tropico 5 Image

Kalypso Media’s Dictator ‘em Up sends up a famous scene from Pirates Of The Carribean in the latest cinematic trailer.

A major new feature of the game, and an explanation for the above trailer, is that you will now be able to start your dictatorship from the colonial period. This will continue all the way through to the world and cold wars as well as the more familiar setting of the modern day. A “dynasty” feature will allow you to keep your dictatorship in the family throughout the time span of the game.

In addition to that, the game will also feature cooperative and competitive gameplay with four other players on each island. Cities can be built by each player on the same island, introducing the possiblity to either work with, or against, your neighbours.

Developed by Haemimont Games, Tropico 5 is set for release this summer on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox 360.


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