Posted March 19, 2014 by Adam in News

Titanfall For Xbox 360 Delayed

Titanfall Image
Titanfall Image

In a move that’s bound to seriously cheese off the printers, EA have announced a delay for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall until the 8th April for the US, and the 11th April for Europe.

Bluepoint Games, an outsourced developer to work on the port, were hoping to have the Xbox 360 edition launched alongside the Xbox One and PC versions on March 11. However the developers were granted a two week extension to that date back in February, and have now been granted an extra two weeks on top of that.

No specific reason has been given regarding the delay, EA’s Executive Vice President Partick Söderlund posted on EA’s website that there were a “…few things that can be made even better”, suggesting that some extra spit and polish is being put into the game on the bugfront.

Either that, or EA are desperately whacking in more server capacity to avoid day one DOS. </cheapshot>


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