Posted February 5, 2014 by Peter in Announcements

Dogs of War enters open beta

Dogs of War logo
Dogs of War logo

After several months of closed beta testing, Cyanide Studios have today released their turn-based strategy wargame Dogs of War into open beta.

Based on Rackham’s Confrontation board game (Dogs of War was the name of a 3rd edition expansion of the game specifically), Dogs of War is a PvP title putting you in control of a mercenary team representing one of three factions – the canine Wolfen, undead Archeron or the Knights of the Lion.
Dogs of War screen
The tabletop roots are clear to see, both in the turn-based nature and movement via hexes. However, the game also have various game modes, including “king of the hill” and “kill the captain” as well as straightforward fights. Mercenaries can be individually levelled up and sent on side missions for additional resources too – although this leaves them temporarily unavailable for matches.

As with some many online games these days, Dogs of War will be following a free-to-play model, with additional content available via microtransactions. If you’re interested in taking a look for yourself, the game can be found via its own website here, or available to play on Steam.


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