Posted January 30, 2014 by Amy in Comics

Nowhere Man: You Don’t Know Jack, Book 3 (Comic) Review


Jack’s back!In the third installment of Jerome Walford’s sci-fi psychological thriller, readers are finally treated to a more in-depth look at Officer Jack Maguire’s mysterious alter ego, Zade. While we’ve learned much about Jack Maguire – a powerfully built detective with piercing eyes and a penchant for working outside the rules – in the previous installments, we’ve caught only glimpses of what Zade is and what he can do. The “You don’t Know Jack” title is an apt one. With each facet of his personality (and past) that is revealed, you know both a little bit more and a little bit less of who he is, and how he came into his powers.

Unlike most comic book heroes, Jack has no real control over Zade when he manifests – and whether Zade is good, evil, or something in between has yet to be determined. In Book 3, Jack and his partner (and love) Rose are unwittingly caught up in the midst of a covert operation when a high action arrest takes a turn for the worse. As the situation between special ops and the two local cops escalates, Jack and Zade battle for control, Rose struggles to stay out of harm’s way, Jack’s superior unveils some interesting tidbits about his past, and readers are left trying to piece it all together.

Like the other books in the series, Nowhere Man: You don’t Know Jack, Book 3 features a dark and edgy art style that perfectly pairs with the cryptic struggles going on in Jack’s life. From firefights to fights within himself, Jack is masterfully drawn in a way that tells as much of the story as the text does. And readers will have to study both closely if they want to get a handle on Jack Maguire. Each book of the series is like unwrapping another layer only to find countless others beneath it. While it can confuse at times, for the most part it offers a thrilling mystery that keeps you on your toes.



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